Does Facebook = Knowledge Creation?

If libraries provide computer stations for their members, and all that most members use them for is to check Facebook, are we really “facilitating knowledge creation?”

What if what our community wants is a place where they can participate in social media? What if they want to update their Facebook status and friend their childhood sweethearts and play Farmville just like everyone else? If the library creates this space for them, is this knowledge creation? Or has the library just become a free computer lab? Or is the latter the beginning of the former?

It can be if you insert the one thing that makes a library a library, and that’s a librarian. If that librarian creates guides about the different social networking sites out there; or teaches workshops on how to present and protect your social identity, or how to use social networking to look for a job; or hosts a social networking “petting zoo,” to demonstrate the latest social tool on the block, then he or she is facilitating knowledge creation in their community.


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