The Goddess of Clarity Goes Back to School

So the blog is re-emerging from one of its quieter phases again (have I *really* not posted in three months? Shame on me!) and will be taking on a slightly different range of topics in the months ahead. You see, I am going back to graduate school, specifically for my Master of Library and Information Science degree from Syracuse University. It is all very exciting and all very daunting and all very ridiculous.

I have to admit that so far the predominant feeling or thought running through my head in the last couple of weeks has been, “what the hell am I getting myself into?” followed by, “you can’t be serious?” Oh, but I turns out I am. To borrow from my original personal statement when applying to the program:

[In the mid-1990s,] I began working full time at Microsoft on the MSN Search team — Microsoft’s first foray into the search engine wars — where I was surrounded by librarians. With their indices and taxonomies and hierarchies it seemed they had set about the task of cataloging the whole of human knowledge. But how far can software go in knowing what we’re really looking for?

Now in my current position as the Web Editor for the University of Rochester, it’s my job to help people find what they are looking for on our websites. And while it can be customary to think of content and design as two separate aspects of website development, I have come to view design as content. The most informative content in the world is of little use if it’s hiding behind layers of roadblocks. How can interface design contribute to the accessibility and ultimately the value of the content we have to share with our users?

These are just a couple of the questions that I very much want to explore.


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