On Daylight Saving Time

I despise Daylight Saving Time. To paraphrase Ford Prefect, time is an illusionDaylight Saving Time doubly so.

This outdated construct, which ends this Sunday, was supposedly intended to increase the amount of sunlight that industrial workers experience by essentially tricking them into waking up earlier. It was also an attempt at saving energy during World War I by reducing the amount of time people relied on artificial light. Today all it really does, in my view, is screw with our natural rhythms so that people will shop more.

Every year, Daylight Saving Time kinda sneaks up on me, and every year it freaks me the heck out. When there is still sun in the sky at 9pm in western New York, that is just freaky.

I admit that part of this aversion to DST comes from the fact that I love night time. I love the dark. Night is exciting and fun. Ever since I was a kid, I could not wait for the sun to go down so I could go outside and play. Lighting bugs, shadow monsters, epic games of kick the can — all are much more fun in the dark.

The website www.standardtime.com/, has an interesting take on the issue. “If we are saving energy let’s go year round with Daylight Saving Time. If we are not saving energy let’s drop Daylight Saving Time!” Seems reasonable to me.

So on Monday, when I leave work and step out into the real, dark, night, I will probably be alone amongst my colleagues in celebrating the darkness. I just wish this happy state of affairs was not interrupted once a year with reminders to move our clocks ahead and check our smoke alarms.

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