Welcome to NaBloPoMo: Why Do I Blog?

November is National Blog Posting Month
November is National Blog Posting Month. The goal: to encourage bloggers to rejuvenate their blogs by posting something every day for a month. And if you look at that woefully out-of-date list of movie reviews over to the left there, you’ll see that my blog could use some rejuvenation.

To get things started, I thought I’d try answering a simple question: why do I blog?

I’d like to become a better writer
And the only way to do that is by writing. I firmly believe that Twitter makes you a better writer because it forces you to follow the first rule of good writing: Omit Needless Words.

I want to share what I learn because I benefit from other people’s blogs all the time
From technology fixes, to great ideas on how to do my job better, to political analysis, to suggestions for tonight’s dinner, I’m always benefiting from the kindness of bloggers.

I need a creative outlet
As an editor, I don’t get too many opportunities to create things from scratch. In the first entry for this blog, I wrote:

Rather than tearing down the hard work of others, it’s time to put myself on the line for a change. To create rather than destroy. To use my powers for good, never for evil. With great power comes great responsibility!

Like I said, I might be overreaching.

I think that still holds true.

Because I can’t write fiction
I once tried my hand at NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo’s better-known November cousin, and I crashed and burned. Hard. In trying to write a novel in one month I learned that I have no sense of threaded narrative and that writing dialogue is hard.

Good luck to all the WriMos out there! And I hope I can keep up my little effort here this month.


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