Unflattering Politician Photo of the Week

Take a Chill Pill (If You Can Afford One) Edition

Barack Obama

Jesus Christ, are you kidding me with these friggin idiots?! Just stab me in the ear with a ballpoint, it will hurt less.

Many of the same hardened corps of nutballs who are convinced that President Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim are now bringing their special brand of crazy to a town hall near you. The subject: health care reform. Or as some would have it: the end of Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

When Obama has to begin his health care speeches by reassuring the more shout-y elements of the audience that he is not in favor of allowing their grandmas to die slowly, you get a sense of how far out of hand this debate has gotten.

It’s getting embarrassing, man. The rest of the world doesn’t have this problem. The rest of the world doesn’t think that making sure everybody can go to the doctor without worrying about how much it will cost is a sign of the oncoming Rapture. And they watch our news! What they must think of us?!


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  1. Yorkshire Pudding says:

    Here in England the National Health Service has been a godsend to myself and all my family. When needs arose it was always there for us – an honest, effective and professional service not driven by profit concerns. I wish President Obama all the best in trying to make America a country in which one’s health needs are served without undue worry about costs. His ambition in this regard is morally correct and admirable. How sad that the forces of darkness attempt to smear his right-thinking mission.

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