Monday Snack: World Series Cupcakes

Every Thursday at work is Snack Day. We each take turns bringing in a tasty treat. Since there are about 15 of us, more than three months pass in between snack days. It’s easy to forget.

At least it’s easy for me to forget.

I walked in to the printer room — which on Thursday is known as the Snack Room — last week thinking yummy thoughts and wondering, “mmmm, what will we be having today.” With no snack in sight, I thought “Rats! What idiot forgot their snack day?”

This idiot, that’s who.

So I had to make amends today with some World Series cupcakes. Plus there are Mets and Dodgers fans in the office, and why miss an opportunity to mess with them? It’s like having your cupcake and eating it to.


The cupcakes are Martha Stewart’s Yellow Butter Cupcakes (pretty easy for a Martha recipe) and frosting from a can.


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