We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Blog

I blame laziness, overwork, and a generalized case of Spring Fever for the recent quietness here on the blog front. But I shall have plenty to write about, as soon as a return from my mystery vacation next week. 

For the PBS or CBC viewers among you, here is a hint to my vacation destination:

Ah, Go On!




  1. Yorkshire Pudding says:

    Your YouTube clue suggests your mystery vacation will be in the UK? Or am I misreading it? Please drop in for a cup of tea. I have always wanted to commune with a real life goddess!

  2. Yay! Please watch some more tv so I don’t have to. :) I must say, my husband and I have been enjoying “The Unusuals” online. The fact that we like it means it’ll probably be cancelled soon.

  3. YP — I have been to Yorkshire once, and have always wanted to commune with a real life pudding!

    Saints and Spinners — don’t worry, I’m back on the case! I’m currently addicted to The Wire on DVD. The Unusuals? Don’t know that one; I’ll have to check it out (before it’s cancelled :)

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