Quote of the Week

Why can’t America be exactly like America, but with decent health care and maternity leave?! Then it would be, like, a normal country!

– Mr. Goddess, cogently analyzing America’s health care crisis.


  1. scottski says:

    because the Rich (read: most successful entepreneurs, nearly all business owners, inherited money, and assorted financial thieves and plunderers….you know who you are…) no longer desire to “help” the poor (read: the other 98% of us).
    As a lady with a powdered face and poofy hairdo once remarked….”let the eat Cake!”
    Oh… and they’re fervent “Christians” as well.

    Gee, this post sounds rather sarcastic! :>

  2. Yorkshire Pudding says:

    The Oscars were on in England in the early hours of Monday morming so thanks for the commentary. Regarding “Slumdog Millionaire”, I must say that I found it somewhat underwhelming. I’m surprised it was judged best picture but I guess that’s show bizz!

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