Barack TV

Obama on TV networksPresident Obama was on all three broadcast channels and the cable news networks yesterday. I think I spotted him on Animal Planet discussing White House puppy options and the Food Network sharing his favorite omelette recipes.

What was supposed to be a full-throated defense of the economic stimulus package turned into a mea culpa marathon, as President Obama admitted to one network anchor after another that he “screwed up” in pushing ahead with Tom Daschle’s nomination for Health and Human Services secretary despite Daschle’s unpaid income taxes.

So by my calculations, President Obama has already used the M-word — “mistake” — five times in his two weeks as president, compared with his predecessor, who didn’t use it once in his eight. So far, I think I’ll take Obama’s mistakes over Bush’s “successes” any day.


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  1. Yorkshire Pudding says:

    Love the title of this post – Barack TV. There is surely a danger of over-exposure. In power, mystique is important. Perhaps President Obama is guilty of being too truthful. This could bite him back.

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