Get on the Bus! Inauguration or Bust

I’m heading to D.C., baby!

Three busloads of students from the UofR will be leaving Monday for an all-night road trip to the nation’s capitol, and I’ll be along for the ride as one of the “event managers” (read: “chaperones”). Our 150 students will be joining a crowd of 2-4 million citizens of the world along the National Mall, all eager to witness history in the making, and all needing to use the same subway cars and porta-potties.

My main task will be to make sure that all 150 students find their way back to the buses and back to Rochester. That sounds a little daunting. But as the President-elect himself might say, if we just stick together and look out for each other, no-one gets left behind.



  1. Yorkshire Pudding says:

    If there were a God, I would say God Bless Obama! But as there isn’t I will just say I wish him good fortune in these trying times. The world needs more men like him if we are to steer a steady course.

  2. Linnie says:

    WOW–I’m jealous. Hope all your students (and you) get back in one piece. We in the Blogosphere expect a blow-by-blow.

  3. BTW, while I’ll still read them, I won’t need your State of the Union recaps anymore, as I’ll seek out tvs/live-streams in these next four years. At last, a president whose speaking voice won’t make me wince. Though to be fair, if Dubya had been a good president, I’m sure the very things that irritated me would have somehow been charming, because the personality behind them would have been endearing.

    I can’t believe I just put “Dubya” and “endearing” in the same sentence, even in a theoretical way.

  4. scottski says:

    i watched all morning….the constant stream of crowd shots….and never ONCE saw you OR the kids! Wassamatta You? Can’t somebodies hold up an “RU Serious?!!!” sign or something?! :>

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