Mele Kalikimaka

obama christmas cardAfter stuffing his presidential cabinet full of scientists, economists, political experts, and Nobel Prize-winners (and in record time, too) Barack Obama is now settling his brains for a long winter’s nap.

A new group of FOBs (Friends of Barack) have gathered at an oceanfront estate in Hawaii for a ten-day Christmas vaycay. No word on whether the Clintons have been invited over for the cookie swap.

The forecast for Christmas morning in Oahu: 77 degrees and sunny. The forecast for the USA in 2009: continued crappy with a chance of hope.



  1. scottski says:

    like your forecast for us mainlanders! Wonder if he’ll set up a White House West in the land of Mala Kahliki Maha (or something like that!) to get work done while Washington either sleeps, partys, or plans how to steal THEIR part of 700 billion?
    Happiest of Holidays to the Goddess Family and her fabulous Posters here, and you Know Who you Are !
    Oh…and everyone needs to see the movie: MILK.
    Sean Penn, once more, proves he is one of, if not The. Finest Actor of the current age. Amazing performance. :>

  2. scottski says:

    Oops. Missed The G’s heading for this post. So call me an Illinois governor’s aide!

  3. scottski — thanks, and a happy holidays to you and yours out in the Land of the Giants. And Milk is definitely on the holiday movie list.

  4. Bob Hope? Isn’t that beatnik slang for dope?

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