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Mele Kalikimaka

obama christmas cardAfter stuffing his presidential cabinet full of scientists, economists, political experts, and Nobel Prize-winners (and in record time, too) Barack Obama is now settling his brains for a long winter’s nap.

A new group of FOBs (Friends of Barack) have gathered at an oceanfront estate in Hawaii for a ten-day Christmas vaycay. No word on whether the Clintons have been invited over for the cookie swap.

The forecast for Christmas morning in Oahu: 77 degrees and sunny. The forecast for the USA in 2009: continued crappy with a chance of hope.


Scared of Santa

I’m not sure why parents believe that plopping their toddler onto the lap of a large, hairy stranger is a recipe for holiday magic. On the contrary, based on the Sun Sentinel newspaper’s ability to put together an entire gallery of “Scared of Santa” photos every year, we can only conclude one thing: Santa is scary.

Some favorites:

scary santa

Twin trauma for double the terror.

scary santa

Mom? Dad? If you ever loved me, get this weirdo off me!”

scary Santa

“His eye shadow, how it sparkled! His breath, how it stunky!
His cheeks were like sunburn, his nose like a drunky!”