President Obama in One Sentence

Salon has a nice piece today whereby reporters, commentators, and academics were asked the question “What does Obama’s victory mean?”  and then asked to confine their answer to a single sentence that begins with the same two words: “It means …”

I have a couple of favorites (It means the world is ready to follow if America is ready to lead; It means that our nation managed to “push the reset button,” and in one action, revived all the wonderful, idealistic overtones that go with the word “America.”) and I contribute my own below:

It means that, after eight long years, the smart kids have finally beaten the jocks.

Any more?


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  1. scottski says:

    It means even as the storm continues, in the distance, a crack of light; dawn is coming and the promise of new and hopefully brighter day.

    I MIGHT have written that once in high school but you can’t plagarize yourself, can you?

    Or I got it from a Peanuts sunday cartoon! :>

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