Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Obama Tomorrow

10.  To be a part of history.  Just think: the first Muslim Marxist terrorist president!

9.    He’s brand spanking new! Like an Android-powered G1.Obama logo

8.    He still talks about global warming and energy policy without resorting to chanting.

7.    Two words: President Palin.

6.    Because hope is audacious, and possibly contagious.

5.    He’s made of kittens and smells of rainbow candy.

4.    He has the most amazing website of any political candidate ever. I’m serious. Take a look: graphic design, information architecture, writing, functionality, innovation. Doesn’t validate, but you can’t have everything. 

3.    Because Tina Fey must be exhausted.

2.    Because a Phillies victory and a Democratic victory within the same week may actually render me physically incapable of cynicism and bitterness.

1.    Because we all live in “Real America,” and it would be nice to have a president who believes that.

See you at the polls tomorrow. 


One comment

  1. scottski says:

    Great list Lori! Tina Fey remark….soooo right on!! And if elected (pleasepleasepleaseplease!)and California’s prop.8 passes, whereby our wonderful Gay daughter and Wife are told THEY can’t BE married and thus will become, once again, second class citizens….maybe he can somehow help people see the light.

    President Palin…….not even of my local SOCCER CLUB! Pu-leeeeese!!!!!!

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