Trick or Treat!

It was a lot quieter at the house this year, which is odd because the weather was tailor made for trick-or-treating. Our house doesn’t get much Halloween love to begin with, being located uphill from the main drag and across the street from a hospital. Oh well, more miniature Clark bars for me I guess.

Princesses still rule the day, but there was also some old-school creativity afoot this year!

7:40[first trick-or-treaters at 7:40?!] Two princesses, a Pocohantas, and a girl wearing a kimono

7:50 — robot in a tin-foil covered box (the poor kid dropped his Twix bar and got stuck trying to pick it up), a princess, and a Star Wars storm trooper. I like it when geeks start out young.

8:05 – A giant traffic cone (!) and a Barbie. I feel bad because I neglected to compliment the Barbie’s outfit because I was so impressed by the traffic cone. The traffic cone was impressive. His little arms barely stuck out the holes cut in the sides.  

8:15 — Skelator and cheerleader, followed by the first teenagers of the night. There was a guy in a cool Egyptian pharoah costume, Snow White,  then a couple of kinda sad teenage costumes: guy in baseball hat with white makeup and a girl in miniskirt and ponytail. Dudes, make an effort!

8:20Two cheerleaders, another princess (a tiny one, awww) and I think it was a pirate. 

9:05 — Tigger of Winnie-the-Pooh fame, and girl in a “this is my Halloween costume” t-shirt.

And that was it, kiddies. Then it was off for some grown-up trick-or-treating at Elixr to see a friend-of-a-friend’s band. There were some cool grown-up costumes in effect, and not just of the “hey, it’s Halloween! I’m going to dress like a whore!” variety. When did Halloween become slutty? Halloween is scary or funny, not slutty.

Some highlights: Bert from Sesame Street, a totally creepy looking Joker in a nurse’s outfit from Dark Knight, Jesus Christ, the mandatory guy-in-gorilla-suit, a green fairy, and Michael Phelps (guy wearing speedo, cap, and many gold medals — and nothing else.) That last costume was definitely weather dependent.


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