The Rebirth of the Goddess

Since I started this blog more than four years ago, it has been published using the Internet equivalent of two cans tied together with a piece of string (read: Textpad and an FTP client). I convinced myself that this DIY-ethic somehow lent an air of old-school, punk, riot-grrrl cred to the proceedings. In fact, it became a royal pain in the ass.

No RSS feed, no easy way to archive or search past posts, no widgets: my lovingly hand-crafted blog had been painted into a retro corner. No more, I say! Enter WordPress, which I have to say has so far proved very easy to install and customize.

Welcome to Goddess 2.0!



  1. JR says:

    Congrats on the new site.

  2. scottski says:

    Phew! THought I’d been BANNED or something….such a weird page would show up.
    New site looks loverly. How about some last minute political schtick to help us thru this week?

  3. Alkelda says:

    This is good! Now I can see RSS feeds and not have to remember to check my blogroll. Because I am soooo busy, you see.;)

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